COVID-19 update!

At The Kids Photos – Maternity, Newborn, Kids & Family photography Studio

Here is what we do to keep you and ourselves safe:

  1. In this sensitive job to avoid any spread of germs and making the environment safe and clean for the clients “especially pregnant moms and babies,” we always make sure everything gets washed, cleaned and sanitized after each use but with this situation, we double-check everything twice.
  2. We sanitize and clean up the studio, the props, and the common areas professionally and have been generously providing hand sanitizers & anti-bacterial wipes in every corner of the space.
  3. We work 1 session a day with gap of 48 hours between 2 sessions. We only schedule one session a day, so we can give ourselves and the studio enough time to get fresh and cleaned up for the next day. This will also give us at least 48 hours timeframe to have the space fully freshened up and safe for accommodating next client.
  4.  We accommodate very limited numbers of people preferably in this time only mom and dad and their baby or just the pregnant couple. We don’t accept additional family members until further notice and we appreciate your understanding.
  5. In our very big studio space we can easily work with physical distancing. It will be only you and your photographer in the space. You will enter the studio shoes off. Once you step in to our studio we will hand you the sanitizers to clean your hands and step inside.
  6. For maternity and newborn wraps and clothing, we wash and sanitize and heat-dry them after each use. We will regularly be cleaning all equipment and hard surfaces throughout the studio, with disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies. We make sure none of us comes to work if they are feeling sick or unwell. Our staff are working off site only editing images.
  7. Photographer will be wearing a face mask with all safety measures

What we appreciate you to do:

  1. If you or your children are sick or have been traveling recently please ask for rescheduling. If you are feeling unwell, please take care of yourself and follow Public Health guidelines, and don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.
  2. We are pretty sure you are more careful than us but If you have been in contact with travelers or have any family members visiting or travel from high-risk areas please give yourself enough time to make sure you are safe and ask for rescheduling to postpone your session.
    We would be happy to help you and make sure your deposit gets transferred to the next stage or the new opening even if its a short notice.
  3. We appreciate it if you come prepared and on-time so we can run hour hours of operation as planned. We work by appointment only.

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